Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well What can I say enough is enough snow that is. We sure have had our share this year and getting real tired of it. But guess what we are getting another 3-5 inches as if 31 inches is not enough and it is only Feb 14 another 6 weeks until spring. So I guess we will grin and bare it. I had a nice trip yesterday.Ten of us girls from the Guild went to the 6 Annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival. Some of the girls took classes while the rest of us shopped.
They sure had a lot of yarn to pick from. They had over 50 booths of yarn ideas and every thing else to go with it. I think we all got our share of yarn for our next projects. I know I did. I got 4 sheins of yarn for 4 new projects . We had nice weather all day until we got about 10 miles from town and it started to snow and blow and they got a couple of inches to blow. But we are home and safe after a long day of fun. Hope everybody had a Happy Valentines Day.

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