Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little up date

I just wanted to get a little up date on our workshop which we are having on Oct 16 2010 at the Laruel Arts in the Georigan Mall with Melissa Leapman. Jancis and Allison are on top of everything and I am sure we all will have a good time. We have a nice sign up list of 30 plus. Has everybody did their Homework ? ? I am still working on mine. We also have Knitting Guild next Thur at 6;30 .
My eyelet hat for Andrea is coming along great I only need less then 2 inches of ribbing. She will be home this long weekend and maybe It will be done for her to take back to school.
Also I started to make the buttons for my pillow and that will be another project done.
I have a few lace shawl patterns which I want to start next. I also must work on my socks.
I also won a book called Cowlgirls by Cathy Carron at Shear Bagatelle blog and there are a few cowls in there I want and need to make. Sounds like the cold weather is leaving and we are going to have a nice weekend. PS about time. Take care see you soon nannyjean