Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sammy Jo

I don't know what I did to the picture on the last blog but I will try again. This is SammyJo siting on my greatgrandmothers rocker which got passed down to me and it will go my oldest granddaughter. She is sitting on the Hemlock Shawl Happy Knitting

Hi I am SammyJo

I made this doll 20 some years ago and knit her more than a dozen outfits
for my granddaugther to play with and now she is going to graduate in May from college.My how time flys. I started a shawl in Victorian Lace and putting beads on it. We took a trip on wednesday to Irwin to the Bead Store and what a trip it was. I never saw so many Beads and I got my share for a lot of projects. We also stopped at the Bo-Peep in Ligonier and she has a lot of different yarn and patterns worked up. And when we got home a storm was behind us and what a storm it turned out to be. I also have on the needles 2 pair of socks,a lace chemo hat,and two scarfs and a baby sweater and blanket. We have Knit In tomorrow and I hope to get some knitting done while we visit and check the projects the other ladies are working on..Hope the weather soon warms UP.Happy Knitting

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ashleys Hat

Hi meet my new friend Ashley. He is my friends grandson. When I saw this pattern i thought of Ashley because he plays with pirate boats and more and always has a smile.
We had our Knit In today with 11 ladies and a lot of different knitting projects plus talk of starting some beading knitting which sounds like a lot of fun. Guess what now we have to make another field trip for beads and maybe more yarn and whatever else we can't do without.
We are also working on our charity projects which is going real good.
We also got a new meeting place at The Georgian Place. Happy Knitting and take care.