Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another one coming!

Will guess what more snow and now high winds coming.. So no school again tomorrow which I am sure suits a lot of the kids until when spring comes and they have to make up the missed days. They didn't get to me to blow my driveway until after 4. I couldn't get my front door open again until they came and removed about 12 inches of snow again. They say we are getting another 5 - 8 inches over night and it is light and will blow easy. I have never seen the snow piled this high since I lived here. Hope the weather brakes tomorrow Had a another good day of knitting to pass the time and work on a few of my baskets projects. I also mixed up some cookies to bake tomorrow . Have a good night !


  1. What kind of cookies....will I be getting a shipment....glad to see you are putting this time to good use....

    Your favorite son........

  2. Big Sister has a suggestion....
    Since you both have had all those cold, winter snowy days in Pennsylvania,I am expecting homemade baked goodies from you both in Florida.(my favorite is oatmeal raisin cookies)

    Your one and only daughter