Saturday, September 25, 2010

The morning glorys really did good this year but last week they were over because of the dry weather we were having so I had to take them down but next year they will be back in full force since they seed them self. The dahlias are still doing good as long as it doesn't frost.
Since the railing was bear now then I got another job to do Paint the railing which I did the next day. Now the floor is next when the weather is right to do that.
I must make bottons for my pillow and then it is done. The color is really for fall My eyelet hat is coming along too I am on the ribbing and have about 2 inches done and need 6 inches more. As for my socks i am ready to start the foot so all I need is time and maybe tomorrow while I am watching football I will get some knitting done.
Going to Allisons on Monday for Knit In and will get some Knitting done then. It will be a nice drive to see the changing of the leaves now . Take care Jean

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