Monday, June 21, 2010

Knit In today

We had our Knit In at Allison's today and sat on her screened in porch which was a real treat. It was so relaxing with the birds flying in for their treats and waiting for her friend to show up a (squirel) who enjoys the treats too and her backyard is full of flowers and her ponds with the water lillies.
Everybody had their present project with them and was working on it while we was all chatting about different ideas to do. And we decided on a Field trip which always is fun. That means we need some more Yarn for our stash.
And then we had our snack which was the best part of the day. Allison always come through with something different and good.
I think we all had a good time because 2 oclock came before we knew it.
Thanks Allison.

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